Datatrk HAS Powerful Flexible Data Entry

Through the flexibility of its design, DataTrk™ provides a unique data entry tool for Event, Complaint/Compliment, Employee Events, Peer Reviews, Chart Audits or any other type of custom entry needed.
With DataTrk™, users can quickly navigate through the entry process, only answering questions that specifically apply to the respective event. With user-defined logic built into each data entry field, users will remain focused on the type of event they are entering, and the system literally changes its screen layout based on responses to previous questions.

Direct interface capability with Patient, Employee, Physician, Medication Formulary and Medical Device systems provide immediate access to demographics during the event entry process. User defined templates and forms can be easily built & integrated for ongoing changes in data entry and reporting requirements. This unique feature passes control over to you, the client, therefore allowing management to proactively implement changes in data gathering and reporting without the need for complex programming and/or screen changes.

Powerful features include:

  • “Paper-less” web-based data entry from any user station, clinical and administrative units
  • Easily customized to facility specific Incident/Complaint/Quality/Event forms
  • Focused entry guides user to easily document specific events such as Medication Variances, Adverse Drug Reactions, Surgical Events, Falls, etc.)
  • Decision-tree logic that displays only those questions applicable to the specific Event
  • Departmentalized forms based on Security Profiles
  • Tracking of Occurrence details, event categories, department, location, injury,
    severity/outcomes/causes and many other details based on client specific requirements
  • Capturing of Personnel/physicians directly involved, witnesses
  • Medical device and/or medications involved details
  • User defined lookup codes, field labels and help text
  • Automatic notification to managers/dept directors via email for immediate feedback monitoring
  • Direct integration with Risk Advisor, Quality Advisor, Pt Relations Advisor and Workers’ Comp Advisor for complete management of events

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