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Quality Advisor: Continuous Quality Improvement

The Quality Advisor™ module provides the tools for full automation and control of the quality management process.

Cloud + Onsite versions

Management of the quality initiative is a foundation for both clinical and fiscal control. In addition to meeting the requirements of JCAHO, CMS, AHRQ, quality is important in controlling losses from risk issues, supporting and improving patient satisfaction, and controlling unneeded resource consumption. It is also imperative to have a system in place that can objectively evaluate peer performance, and provide staff with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Quality Advisor™ provides the tools for full automation and control of the quality management process. It allows web-based entry of quality events and nursing reviews, tracks the stages of each event, from the initial discovery, through committee/peer review activities, and allows assignment of associated parties and the determination of the severity of the event.

Powerful features include:

  • Web-based entry of quality events via DataTrk™
  • Web-based entry of nursing/chart reviews via DataTrk™
  • Tracking of indicators/causes/severity levels
  • Direct link to Patient/Physician/Practitioner data
  • Automated diaries for timely follow-up of quality events/reviews
  • Committee/departmental/peer review follow-up
  • Mail merging to MS Word, Emailing to MS Outlook
  • File and/or scanned image attachments to Quality record
  • Detailed reporting via “point and click” screens and prompts
  • Analytical and Graphical reporting built in and integrated with MS Excel
  • Browse tool for “on-demand” browsing of quality data and exporting to MS Excel
  • Direct integration with Risk Advisor, Patient Relations Advisor

"We have utilized the RiskQual HAS system to track Incidents and Claims for over 10 years within our health system. We also added the Quality module 6 years ago and the Patient Relations Module recently as well, to take advantage of the cohesive shared data. The system’s flexibility and powerful reporting capabilities have greatly augmented our Risk Management, Performance Improvement and Guest Relations Programs allowing us to readily comply with internal, state and federal requirements. RiskQual’s support services are always readily available and able to mold the system to our specific needs."

Teaching Health System, FL