Patient Relations Advisor HAS Your Back

The Patient Relations Advisor™ module helps reduce the cost of dissatisfied patients and families by making it easy to collect patient and guests’ feedback.
In today’s competitive healthcare environment, the role of the Patient/Guest representative is crucial in reducing the cost of dissatisfied patients and families, and in supporting a favorable public image for the facility. As the patient representative handles complaints, data is collected from various sources and compiled for reporting to the appropriate department for analysis and corrective action. This function is critical for taking the "temperature" of the facility, and determining how well all departments are complying with policies & procedures.

Patient Relations Advisor™ provides the ability to collect patient/guest complaints and grievances, record responsible or involved parties, severity levels, causes and outcomes, and document follow-up and resolution. Powerful reporting gives the Patient Relations manager the ability to trend these findings, determine the impact of corrective actions, and provide feedback to all involved departments and personnel by identifying financial and patient/ guest satisfaction trends. It also utilizes DataTrk™ for the quick entry of complaint data.

Powerful features include:

  • Complaint/Grievance/Compliment/Patient Rounding
  • Complaint/Grievance types/sub types/classification/severity/outcomes
  • Location, Cost Center/Department Involvement
  • Witnesses/Providers/Personnel directly involved
  • Cost attribution/Payments/Write Off financial tracking
  • Documentation of Findings/Actions Taken/Resolution
  • Comprehensive follow-up/patient representative notification tool
  • Integration with MS Word for mail merging of standard letters/documents
  • Integration with MS Outlook for direct emailing of follow ups
  • File and/or scanned image attachments for paperless follow up and documentation
  • Detailed reporting via “point and click” screens and prompts
  • Analytical and Graphical reporting built in and integrated with MS Excel
  • Browse tool for “on-demand” browsing of complaint data and exporting to MS Excel
  • Direct integration with Risk Advisor and Claims Advisor to prevent duplication of entry
  • Patient Rounding Tool – Quick entry/follow up of patient rounding feedback & immediate notification to stakeholders

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